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What is Iggy?

The World’s First Location Enrichment API


How Iggy Works

Iggy is a set of cloud-based services that enrich locations or properties with valuable data.

To use our endpoints, select the features you want to enrich your data with and provide us with coordinates over an API. We do the joins, aggregations, and analyses, and return your data back to you with these enrichments so you can immediately put it to use.

Common Use Cases

  • Improve ML models (specifically pricing) with granular location data,
  • Speed up real estate prospecting and lead scoring with fast lookups/tagging of properties/areas with amenities and dis-amenities,
  • Add location-specific highlights to your listing or PDP page (For an example, see our Chrome Extension)
  • Make your own custom index with unique data (use our data on trees and parks to make a 'green' score, for example).

What questions can I use the API to answer?

  • Are there any clusters of {bars|restaurants} nearby?
  • Are there any {bar|schools|power plants, etc} within X minutes {walking|biking|driving} or Y miles of this lat/lng? Or, are there any within this shape I can provide? (/points_of_interest)
  • What is the value of {label(s)} for these lat/lng combo(s)? Said another way, you can askiggy to "tell me what you know about this point!" This could include things like, what school district is this address in? What's the risk of wildfire here? What's the wifi speed like at this address? (/lookup)
  • What is the routable area I can cover by {foot, bike, car} from an input lat/lng? (/isochrone)

Why use Iggy

Because it's awesome. :)
But really, because it makes your job a hell of a lot easier. No more understanding rasters or projections or even spatial joins -- we take care of that for you so you can put the data to work.

Learn about Iggy

The Iggy API is organized around url parameters, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

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What is Iggy?

The World’s First Location Enrichment API

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